With Arcoda Sat you can remotely manage your fleet’s tachographs. It’s quick and easy.

Remote downloads

Immediately download data from the driver card and tachograph memory or configure alternative access intervals.


From alerts to mandatory reminder letters to drivers Arcoda Sat also collects vehicle data and provides a variety of reports to inform your analytics.

Charts and tables

Arcoda Sat provides data in table and graphical form. All information can be easily filtered to facilitate more targeted analysis.

Automated analysis

Automatic processing and analysis of downloaded data to check compliance with driving rules according to current regulations.

Stay compliant and save time and money. Upgrade to Arcoda Sat and experience the benefits of dedicated digital tachograph management.

Save valuable time by simplifying the management of your tachographs. Thanks to Sat’s specially designed features, tachograph data and driver cards are automatically acquired remotely. Once retrieved Arcoda Sat simply processes the data and presents it in the most convenient form. Now you can effortlessly manage any digital tachograph type, including older versions that do not support remote downloading. This because Sat has an easy to use tool that is uniquely designed to allow rapid import of ddd files that have been downloaded directly onto the vehicle.